I offer consulting on the practical application of mathematical physics and machine learning to real-world problems. For more details, contact me at mlewis@michaero.com.

I’m Matthew Lewis: physicist, runner, web developer, and the CTO of Michigan Aerospace Corporation. I write about physics, mathematics, and machine learning.

I received my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan for work describing cosmological models in the context of string theories. After graduating, I worked for eight years in the defense industry, at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, focusing on the application of machine learning techniques to defense and intelligence problems, particularly in the realm of electronic warfare. I have served as the principal investigator for programs at DARPA, NSA, Navy, Air Force, and other U.S. Government agencies.

At Michigan Aerospace Corporation I focus on the application of machine learning to problems in defense, aerospace, energy, and biomedical spaces. I am also the co-founder of Springmatter, an organization dedicated to helping people transition their ideas from nascent inkling to marketable product.

I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with wife Monica and children Sophie, Claire, and Hugo.

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